Goodbye CVS

Today I finally migrated the ZMPP repository to Subversion. It was my only maintained project in a CVS repository. Subversion definitely is an improvement over CVS. I like the way how it handles directories much better, and the possibility to add embedded links is very useful. Another reason is TortoiseSVN, I simply love this frontend to Subversion, better than any other frontend I have used. The nearly seamless integration into Windows is great. The only thing I would love to see is availability of TortoiseSVN on a Linux desktop.

Subversion support in NetBeans is very good as well, but I keep doing things like tagging/branching and creating links in TortoiseSVN.

CVS has served me well, but if you have used Subversion, it’s hard to go back. I am still using it at work and it’s unlikely that the projects there will ever be migrated. That’s fine, because CVS works. For my private needs, I want to use one system only, so I go with the best available for my needs.


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