Cait Sith milestone release

Cait Sith screenshot

After two weeks I got the Cait Sith release ready. Looking back, I am surprised that it only were two weeks, there was so much stuff, that I put in and changed during that time and until now, this was definitely the most challenging release cycle. This is why I also decided to increment the version number to 0.12 instead of 0.11.

The editable connections were a pretty hard piece of work and there is still room for improvement. For now, they work good enough for me. I now added context menus, so there is quicker access to the functionality. There are a lot small things that were put in, things that are barely noticeable, but improve the overall usability.

This time, I also took the time to test the whole system a little more thoroughly. It took about two hours including fixing the bugs that I discovered. I noticed that I should do the feature freeze a little earlier, dependent on the amount of functionality that I put in. I just could not stop putting in new stuff.

I also noticed that the two weeks release period was appropriate, probably too short for the feature set. Next time, I will choose either less features or more time.

Looking at what I can do with the system now, I am pretty happy with the progress. TinyUML also passed the first usability test by my wife: She created a diagram without any knowledge of my software or UML diagrams. She either is incredibly smart or the software is simple enough to understand. While I hope that the latter is true to a certain degree, I have to admit that my wife is indeed pretty intelligent.


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