Cookies for Geeks

When looking for food at the cafeteria next to my office, I discovered a new cookie: Papa Giki, and since I am a “geeky Papa”, I had to try it out. According to the information on the cookis wrapping, it is a heart healthy cookie. Ya, whatever – it does taste great ! It is a rather soft and moist cookie, the raisins in it are also very soft. The fact that it contains german chocolate and is produced here in Washington State makes it even more attractive to me 🙂 Maybe they should think about wrapping more than one together, that would reduce packaging material. As a traditional german treehugger, I had to get used to the american way of using tons of wrapping and packaging material, wax-coated cups (I was never aware of that until I drank hot water out of one, blah !) and styrofoam dishes.

Yesterday’s efforts to improve on progress on rectilinear connection editing was very fruitful. I made one very useful experience: When simulating a user interaction with a JUnit test, I could not reproduce the errors I was getting when I did the same with the mouse, even when I set what I knew was the error-triggering conditions. The reason was that the bug did not show on the first even – it showed on the second one. I finally got the error when I simulated the user interaction more closely with a stream of events rather than just sending a single one. As Kent Beck says “a failed test means progress”. Absolutely true. It you can reproduce it, the work is half done.

Equipped with the new “drag simulating tool”, it was straightforward to add new tests. I haven’t yet got all the points that I consider to be included in that functionality, but it is quite stable, I know why it works (it’s in the tests)  and so far, it “feels” promising.


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