Chocobo milestone release

Chocobo screenshot

I just released the Chocobo milestone and can happily say that I am well on track at the moment. One of the lessons I am learning on this project is how to deal with a very limited amount of time (my free time) and at the same time keep having a private life.

One way is to think hard about which features really need to be in the software, the other is to release on a regular schedule. I am keeping a Todo-list in GTD fashion which I update almost every day and features keep getting shifted around.

This week, there was quite a bit of refactoring and bug fixing before I  went to tackle the largest feature so far: editing class contents. Class elements can display attributes, methods and stereotypes, which are in separate compartments that can be hidden or shown. It turned out that the earlier decision, to implement compartments and labels as separate classes now pays off. A lot of the things worked right away.

There is still a huge amount of work waiting, but Quina is the next release, which I have declared my “first dogfood”.  In fact, the feature set of Chocobo is almost sufficient to do some work with it. Association types and inheritance will be in Quina, and a number of other features that I did not decide on yet.


2 Responses to Chocobo milestone release

  1. Scr34m says:


    Great job, a really nice tool, TinyUML will support sequence diagrams too?

  2. Wei-ju says:

    Thanks, yes, it will. Sequence diagrams were the reason for starting the project in first place, so I will probably start that in the second week after the Quina milestone (which I will release next Monday)

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