TinyUML Version 1.0 ???

Somehow, TinyUML got a 1.0 version number on Softpedia ! Very funny, I am not even out of my internal releases yet… That’s what I get for putting my internal releases out publicly 🙂 Apparently, someone even drew a screenshot with it. Interestingly, when I click on “More programs by this producer”, ZMPP does not show up, even though it is indeed already registered in Softpedia (with a real version number).

In fact, I do not even use the tool myself at the moment, I still try to shoot my tracer bullets and choose features that are difficult enough to push the project forward. So, the 1.0 Version number is still some time away, TinyUML does not yet have any version number, this early in the development.

For that future version 1.0, I have decided to go with two diagram types:

  • structure diagrams (class, package, component)
  • sequence diagrams

These are the ones I am using most often, so I’ll focus on these and add the rest over time.

According to my roadmap, I will reach the “Quina” milestone in two weeks, after which I will review the project’s progress. Probably I will have to label the releases as public then (and give them version numbers), since they are public now anyways (even though I don’t consider them really useful currently).


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