Version 0

In software development, everything you can learn from means progress. It is important to keep motivation high, so iterations should be small, with goals that can be reached quickly in order to get feedback fast. The goals of version 0 was to learn about the UML 2 metamodel, to establish the foundation of the structures, a basic diagram editor and a preliminary user interface with a working event system:
Version 0 screenshot

UML 2 structure diagrams are complex and include a lot of elements, but in terms of graphical elements, it’s boxes, lines and text. So it’s not necessary to cover a huge set of elements from the beginning, but to include a minimal set that is sufficient to learn from. I decided to include packages and dependencies in this minimal set (even though dependencies are not in version 0). From the view of graphical layout, these two elements cover the main challenges, and from the view of the model, it covers namespaces and nesting.


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